Business Analysis

Seasonal data forecasting using the R-forecast model

Source: Äri-IT Kevad 2023 Author: Arvo Sarapuu, BI Developer at BCS Itera In addition to the data forecasting model ARIMA, which is an extension of the R forecast, the SARIMA model, which takes seasonality into account, is also now in use.   R forecast is a widely known forecasting tool that employs the ARIMA (Autoregressive […]


Say hello to the new and versatile HRM4Baltics! Everything from personnel to payroll

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2023 Author: Merilin Aul, BCS Itera Project Manager Human Resources Management (HRM) serves as the cornerstone of every company. At the heart of HRM lies a well-developed HR strategy, yet the tools that facilitate the management of all field processes are equally vital.   In 2023 the HRM solutions landscape welcomes the […]


Which employee self-service portal to choose?

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2023 Author: Merilin Aug, BCS Itera Project Manager The practice of employees performing their daily work-related tasks through the employee self-service portal has become quite common. Traditionally, these portals are used to manage leave applications, requests, timesheets and personal data modifications, among other things.   The HRM4Baltics solution (replacing Palk365 and Personal365) […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics

Digitalisation of warehouse management. Reasons to begin today.

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2023 Author: Erki Rebane, BCS Itera Project Manager In warehouse management, digitalisation is sometimes approached too cautiously. However, the challenges are less daunting than anticipated and the benefits are greater than expected.   Companies often initiate digitalisation in areas such as purchasing or production but the greatest benefits arise from the introduction […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics

Top six B2B e-commerce trends for 2023

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2023 Author: Rauno Raid, Head of E-commerce at Finestmedia E-commerce is here to stay, but should it only be aimed at the end consumer? Absolutely not! Below we will discuss why e-commerce is also necessary in B2B transactions and explore the upcoming trends in this field.   The continuous evolution of technology coupled […]


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software industry overview and trends

Source: Äri-IT, spring 2023 Author: Marek Maido, BCS Itera Sales and Marketing Manager In today’s world Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become indispensable for any competitive medium-sized or large company. Here is a comprehensive overview of what is currently happening in the world of ERP, along with experience-based insights specific to Estonia.   The […]

ERP Management

Monitoring the project budget enables you to intervene in a timely manner

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Harti Piiskop, consultant at BCS Itera What is the biggest obstacle to budget monitoring? The large volume of manual labour, the lack of a software solution, as well as the limited level of detail.   PROJECT BUDGET The budget for projects is prepared on different bases and in different places (Excel, […]

ERP Manufacturing

Mobile enterprise resource planning software solutions and their deployment

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Terje Keskküla, Production Consultant at BCS Itera Getting a real-time overview of business processes has never been easier: now you can use a tablet or smartphone, for example, in addition to your desktop PC.   Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) enterprise resource planning software enables you to manage business processes […]


Small solutions for large enterprise resource planning software applications

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Olga Saddarov, Project Manager at BCS Itera How to upgrade and develop your main solution with the help of smaller apps?   In the business and IT world, there is increasingly more talk about a wide range of software solutions that cover large business-critical processes. The main focus of BCS Itera […]

Business Analysis

Three-layer business intelligence solution

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Mihkel Nugis, business analysis developer and consultant at BCS Itera The architecture of BI solutions can vary greatly and each has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the main options and see why a three-layer solution is the most reasonable option in companies where business is […]


Companies at the heart of technological and digital transformation

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Jane Juhanson, Sales Manager of ERP Solutions at BCS Itera   Years ago, Lennart Meri said that in a changing world, victory belongs to those who go along with it, move perhaps a little faster than the world, get ahead of the world, and are able to foresee the problems, […]

Business Analysis

Reporting options using Microsoft Power BI

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Koidu Kask, BI consultant at BCS Itera Let’s look at the main opportunities and options in relation to and within the Power BI service.   Microsoft’s Power BI reporting solution comes with a cloud service, the Power BI service. Powerful servers are running in the background that handle data volumes, loading, […]

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The benefits of automated data collection – keeping the physical and virtual worlds in sync in your business

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Erki Rebane, BCS Itera Project Manager Replacing the physical recording of transactions with automated solutions will not only reduce the number of errors, but also the direct costs of data collection.   DATA MANAGEMENT Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine an organisation being able to function properly without a data management […]


What are the bases for selecting a CRM? The challenges of implementing a customer management system.

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Autor: Marek Maido, BCS Itera Marketing Manager Demand for CRM solutions and the number of solutions has grown all over the world, including Estonia, so it is worth looking at how and where to start. One thing is for sure – introducing a customer management system certainly does not start with the […]


Extensions and plugins, or apps in short

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Leho Hermann, BCS Itera Sales Manager If you talk to people who are involved in selling, implementing or developing Business Central, you’ll hear phrases such as apps, extensions, plugins, and development. What are they and why are they so good?   Understandably, when these terms are used interchangeably, it can be […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics

New solutions in the field of retail

Source: Äri-IT Autumn 2022 Author: Viljar Käärt, consultant at BCS Itera It has been a long time since the last review of the updates of LS Central – special solution for retail businesses of the world’s most popular ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now is the time to give a summary.   Reminder: […]

Management Technology

A new tool for changing business culture – modern technology

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2021 Author: Marek Maido, CMO Company culture and technology are much more intertwined than they appear to be at first glance. Technology has even become one of the most effective drivers of culture. Company culture is a very broad concept that can be elusive at times. In a nutshell, it refers to […]

Business Analysis

How much does it cost?

Source: Äri-IT, spring 2022 Author: Leho Hermann, Sales manager at BCS Itera Buying a car and an ERP software have a lot in common – in both cases, several steps need to be completed before the transaction is successful. How much does a car cost? A house? Repairs? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software? Simple questions, but […]

Business Analysis

Data warehouse as a foundation for business analysis

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2022 Author: Mihkel Nugis, business analysis developer and consultant at BCS Itera Data warehouse and business analytics belong together. One without the other is an incomplete solution. Although we have already written about the data warehouse more than once in previous issues, let’s explain once more what it is.   WHAT IS […]


CRM solution from Microsoft – Dynamics 365 Sales. What is it and for whom is it intended?

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2022 Authors: Margit Roosnum, consultant at BCS Itera; Olga Saddarov, project manager at BCS Itera; Helen Sagadi, consultant at BCS Itera What makes the Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution Dynamics 364 Sales a game changer? Who is this product for? Why are there so many myths surrounding this solution? These and […]


Questions and answers: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2022 Author: Margo Touart, head of technology at BCS Itera I will now list the most frequently asked questions regarding Microsoft’s ERP software, Business Central. WHAT IS MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 BUSINESS CENTRAL ONLINE? Dynamics 365 Business Central Online is a state-of-the-art cloud-based ERP software application from Microsoft, which is developed in the […]

Business Services Technology

Competition 101 for services companies

Author: Külli Rebane, business manager at BCS Itera How does the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform help you gain a competitive advantage? The magazine Äri-IT Kevad  2021 featured our SOL Baltics customer story. Therefore, it is appropriate to talk more about the challenges of a services company and how good software can help to overcome […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics Technology

How do you Remain Successful in Retail in Contactless Times?

Source: Äri-IT, spring 2021 Author: Viljar Käärt, consultant at BCS Itera “What to focus on, and how to proceed?” are the common questions that every merchant asks. Here are a few ideas on how to remain visible to your customers and increase sales. The retail sector has been shaken up. Uncertainty, closed shopping centres, difficulties in […]

Business Analysis

Forecasting with the R forecast model

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2022 Author: Arvo Sarapuu, BI Consultant at BCS Itera Forecasting is undoubtedly an advanced technique in the field of business intelligence (BI). However, it is worth the effort as the tools of BI have become highly accurate thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).   Forecasting is one of the most […]

Management Methodology

7 Recommendations for Companies Starting an ERP Implementation Project

Author: Kätlin Piiskop, Business Manager at BCS Itera Implementation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project requires serious input and careful consideration from the employees, regardless of the IT partner or methodology. From the outset, it is very important to consider how the project will affect day-to-day business operations. Failure to recognise this can have […]

Business Analysis Technology

Power BI Based Data Model, the Power BI Dataset

Source: Äri-IT Sügis 2021 Author: Koidu Kask, BI consultant at BCS Itera   The technical side of the Power BI can be left under the care of your IT partner. How do I reduce the time spent on administering Power BI reports and share responsibilities if my organisation does not have enough resources, knowledge, or […]

Management Methodology

Deployment of ERP software: How much should the client contribute?

Source: Äri-IT autumn 2021 Author: Leho Hermann, sales manager at BCS Itera Just like it takes two to tango, the deployment of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a two-party project that requires a significant contribution from both parties. The emphasis is on ‘significant’, as the client often underestimates their role in the process. Since ERP projects […]

Business Services Technology

Energy 4.0. The challenges of digitising an infrastructure company

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2021 Author: Külli Rebane, business manager at BCS Itera Climate agreements and targets, labour shortages, deployment and maintenance of modern equipment, assets spread across different locations, precise production planning, prevention of problems, customer communication that meets the expectations of modern customers, large data volumes, and AI-driven smart analytics… These are just a few […]

Business Analysis Technology

What does a modern cloud data warehouse look like?

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2020 Author: Urmas Tutt What exactly is a data warehouse and when can it be considered modern? In this article, you will find answers to these and many other questions.     DATA WAREHOUSE A data warehouse is a computer system that collects and analyses data. The goal is to discover trends, patterns, […]


Production management and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2019 Author: Virgo Vjugin, consultant at BCS Itera Integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central with your production management software allows your production team to continue using the software they are used to, while providing the company with a number of important benefits that help boost efficiency. Every company is a synergistic entity where all […]

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5 Trends Retailers May Not See Coming Until It’s Too Late

Source: Forbes Chris Walton; Senior Contributor On stage at Shoptalk 2019, Shoptalk Founder and then CEO Anil Aggarwal remarked that it is human nature to overestimate the change that should happen in the short-term and to underestimate the change that will happen over the long-term, say over 10 years or more. And this article is […]

Business Services Technology

How elnvoicing is helping standardize transactional data in Estonia

Source: Running a business can be daunting. In addition to everyday obligations, there are also complex accounting responsibilities involving many time-consuming administrative tasks. According to a 2010 study carried out by the European Commission, adopting electronic invoices (eInvoices) could save the EU economy some EUR 240 billion over a six-year period.  The Commission provides public administrations, service providers, and businesses with […]

Management Technology

Top 4 ERP system trends in 2020 to help plan for 2021

Source: Nov.2020 So far, 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for organizations. Companies are figuring out systems to handle remote work, disrupted supply chains, sudden changes in raw material prices, an onslaught of data (especially in sectors like pharma and biotechnology), and labor shortage significant challenges globally. Many of these companies got their tasks […]

Management Technology

3 Important Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Your Business And Turbocharge Success

Author: B.Marr Influencer Internationally best-selling author, keynote speaker, futurist, and strategic business & technology advisor   From the smallest local business to the largest global players, I believe every organization must embrace the AI revolution, and identify how AI (artificial intelligence) will make the biggest difference to their business. But before you can develop […]

Business Analysis

The biggest business intelligence (BI) trends 2020

Source: Companies are in the midst of many profound changes: The amount of data available and the speed of producing new data has been increasing rapidly for years, and business models as well as process improvements increasingly rely on data and analytics. Against this backdrop, a key challenge is emerging: the efficient and, at […]

Business Services Technology

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about to hit the construction industry

Source: World Economic Forum Image: World Economic Forum, Boston Consulting Group Over the past decade, digital progress has transformed whole industries, ushering in a new technological era now known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Platforms and streaming services such as Facebook, Spotify and Netflix have transformed media and entertainment. E-commerce giants including Amazon and […]

Management Technology

10 business software (ERP) trends and forecasts for 2020

Source: In the modern age, people won’t let inflexible system solutions get in the way of holistic digital transformation. This is true for most of them, including enterprise resource planning or ERP software. In this light, keeping up with the latest ERP trends is beneficial to consumers and service providers alike. Our collection of […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics

9 Off-The-Radar Retail Predictions For 2019

Source: Author: Bryan Pearson So much of retail is a gimmick. Just ask 2018. Massive sums are invested in immersive experiences that quickly lose their spark and in digital features that fail to make the experience easier. So more than 5,000 stores closed in 2018. In their valid bids to wow shoppers, many retailers […]

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Is outdated technology destroying your retail business? 9 red flags to look out for

Source: Your retail management system is at the heart of your business efficiency. It keeps your operations smooth, make sure all parts of your business are always connected and in communication, and by consequence ensures that you can always deliver services and experiences that meet and go beyond your customers’ expectations. Despite the central […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics Technology

5 clear signs you need Business Intelligence in your retail business

Source: As a retail business owner with access to the internet, you have probably heard of Business Intelligence, and maybe discounted it as a catchphrase used by marketing experts to sell their product. It is often being described as a “magical crystal ball” to help businesses investigate their own future and bet on upcoming […]

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What retail CEOs need to know to lead their business into the future

Source: LSRetail According to The DNA of the Future Retail CEO from the World Retail Congress, the top two current and future technical skills for retail CEOs are: Understanding of digital commerce and omni-channel Data/insight-driven approach The expert panel went on to say that the future retail CEO needs to be data-driven “in the extreme”. […]

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How beauty brands are using augmented reality to engage customers and drive return purchases

Source: LSRetail With the growth of e-commerce, the increasing influence of social channels and the emergence of independent beauty brands, the beauty industry has evolved into a highly competitive playground of companies fighting for market share. Women (and men! In just a few years, the male grooming industry has bloomed into a multi-billion dollar industry) […]

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7 Reasons NAV Is The Best Distribution ERP Software Solution

Source:; Chandler Hutchison More than 100,000 organizations throughout the world are currently using Dynamics NAV. Delivering the perfect tool for performing a variety of processes, from basic accounting to complex distribution operations, NAV is one of the best solutions you can find to streamline your activities and increase efficiency. Besides offering a specialized system […]