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Small solutions for large enterprise resource planning software applications

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Olga Saddarov, Project Manager at BCS Itera How to upgrade and develop your main solution with the help of smaller apps?   In the business and IT world, there is increasingly more talk about a wide range of software solutions that cover large business-critical processes. The main focus of BCS Itera […]

Business Analysis

Three-layer business intelligence solution

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Mihkel Nugis, business analysis developer and consultant at BCS Itera The architecture of BI solutions can vary greatly and each has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the main options and see why a three-layer solution is the most reasonable option in companies where business is […]


Companies at the heart of technological and digital transformation

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Jane Juhanson, Sales Manager of ERP Solutions at BCS Itera   Years ago, Lennart Meri said that in a changing world, victory belongs to those who go along with it, move perhaps a little faster than the world, get ahead of the world, and are able to foresee the problems, […]

Business Analysis

Reporting options using Microsoft Power BI

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Koidu Kask, BI consultant at BCS Itera Let’s look at the main opportunities and options in relation to and within the Power BI service.   Microsoft’s Power BI reporting solution comes with a cloud service, the Power BI service. Powerful servers are running in the background that handle data volumes, loading, […]

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The benefits of automated data collection – keeping the physical and virtual worlds in sync in your business

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Erki Rebane, BCS Itera Project Manager Replacing the physical recording of transactions with automated solutions will not only reduce the number of errors, but also the direct costs of data collection.   DATA MANAGEMENT Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine an organisation being able to function properly without a data management […]


What are the bases for selecting a CRM? The challenges of implementing a customer management system.

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Autor: Marek Maido, BCS Itera Marketing Manager Demand for CRM solutions and the number of solutions has grown all over the world, including Estonia, so it is worth looking at how and where to start. One thing is for sure – introducing a customer management system certainly does not start with the […]

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