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Management Methodology

Deployment of ERP software: How much should the client contribute?

Source: Äri-IT autumn 2021 Author: Leho Hermann, sales manager at BCS Itera Just like it takes two to tango, the deployment of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a two-party project that requires a significant contribution from both parties. The emphasis is on ‘significant’, as the client often underestimates their role in the process. Since ERP projects […]

Business Services Technology

Energy 4.0. The challenges of digitising an infrastructure company

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2021 Author: Külli Rebane, business manager at BCS Itera Climate agreements and targets, labour shortages, deployment and maintenance of modern equipment, assets spread across different locations, precise production planning, prevention of problems, customer communication that meets the expectations of modern customers, large data volumes, and AI-driven smart analytics… These are just a few […]

Business Analysis Technology

What does a modern cloud data warehouse look like?

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2020 Author: Urmas Tutt What exactly is a data warehouse and when can it be considered modern? In this article, you will find answers to these and many other questions.     DATA WAREHOUSE A data warehouse is a computer system that collects and analyses data. The goal is to discover trends, patterns, […]


Production management and Dynamics 365 Business Central

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2019 Author: Virgo Vjugin, consultant at BCS Itera Integrating Dynamics 365 Business Central with your production management software allows your production team to continue using the software they are used to, while providing the company with a number of important benefits that help boost efficiency. Every company is a synergistic entity where all […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics

5 Trends Retailers May Not See Coming Until It’s Too Late

Source: Forbes Chris Walton; Senior Contributor On stage at Shoptalk 2019, Shoptalk Founder and then CEO Anil Aggarwal remarked that it is human nature to overestimate the change that should happen in the short-term and to underestimate the change that will happen over the long-term, say over 10 years or more. And this article is […]

Business Services Technology

How elnvoicing is helping standardize transactional data in Estonia

Source: Running a business can be daunting. In addition to everyday obligations, there are also complex accounting responsibilities involving many time-consuming administrative tasks. According to a 2010 study carried out by the European Commission, adopting electronic invoices (eInvoices) could save the EU economy some EUR 240 billion over a six-year period.  The Commission provides public administrations, service providers, and businesses with […]

Management Technology

Top 4 ERP system trends in 2020 to help plan for 2021

Source: Nov.2020 So far, 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for organizations. Companies are figuring out systems to handle remote work, disrupted supply chains, sudden changes in raw material prices, an onslaught of data (especially in sectors like pharma and biotechnology), and labor shortage significant challenges globally. Many of these companies got their tasks […]

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