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Extensions and plugins, or apps in short

Source: Äri-IT, autumn 2022 Author: Leho Hermann, BCS Itera Sales Manager If you talk to people who are involved in selling, implementing or developing Business Central, you’ll hear phrases such as apps, extensions, plugins, and development. What are they and why are they so good?   Understandably, when these terms are used interchangeably, it can be […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics

New solutions in the field of retail

Source: Äri-IT Autumn 2022 Author: Viljar Käärt, consultant at BCS Itera It has been a long time since the last review of the updates of LS Central – special solution for retail businesses of the world’s most popular ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Now is the time to give a summary.   Reminder: […]

Management Technology

A new tool for changing business culture – modern technology

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2021 Author: Marek Maido, CMO Company culture and technology are much more intertwined than they appear to be at first glance. Technology has even become one of the most effective drivers of culture. Company culture is a very broad concept that can be elusive at times. In a nutshell, it refers to […]

Business Analysis

How much does it cost?

Source: Äri-IT, spring 2022 Author: Leho Hermann, Sales manager at BCS Itera Buying a car and an ERP software have a lot in common – in both cases, several steps need to be completed before the transaction is successful. How much does a car cost? A house? Repairs? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software? Simple questions, but […]

Business Analysis

Data warehouse as a foundation for business analysis

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2022 Author: Mihkel Nugis, business analysis developer and consultant at BCS Itera Data warehouse and business analytics belong together. One without the other is an incomplete solution. Although we have already written about the data warehouse more than once in previous issues, let’s explain once more what it is.   WHAT IS […]


CRM solution from Microsoft – Dynamics 365 Sales. What is it and for whom is it intended?

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2022 Authors: Margit Roosnum, consultant at BCS Itera; Olga Saddarov, project manager at BCS Itera; Helen Sagadi, consultant at BCS Itera What makes the Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution Dynamics 364 Sales a game changer? Who is this product for? Why are there so many myths surrounding this solution? These and […]

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