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Questions and answers: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online

Source: Äri-IT Spring 2022 Author: Margo Touart, head of technology at BCS Itera I will now list the most frequently asked questions regarding Microsoft’s ERP software, Business Central. WHAT IS MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 BUSINESS CENTRAL ONLINE? Dynamics 365 Business Central Online is a state-of-the-art cloud-based ERP software application from Microsoft, which is developed in the […]

Business Services Technology

Competition 101 for services companies

Author: Külli Rebane, business manager at BCS Itera How does the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform help you gain a competitive advantage? The magazine Äri-IT Kevad  2021 featured our SOL Baltics customer story. Therefore, it is appropriate to talk more about the challenges of a services company and how good software can help to overcome […]

Retail Wholesale Logistics Technology

How do you Remain Successful in Retail in Contactless Times?

Source: Äri-IT, spring 2021 Author: Viljar Käärt, consultant at BCS Itera “What to focus on, and how to proceed?” are the common questions that every merchant asks. Here are a few ideas on how to remain visible to your customers and increase sales. The retail sector has been shaken up. Uncertainty, closed shopping centres, difficulties in […]

Management Methodology

7 Recommendations for Companies Starting an ERP Implementation Project

Author: Kätlin Piiskop, Business Manager at BCS Itera Implementation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project requires serious input and careful consideration from the employees, regardless of the IT partner or methodology. From the outset, it is very important to consider how the project will affect day-to-day business operations. Failure to recognise this can have […]

Business Analysis Technology

Power BI Based Data Model, the Power BI Dataset

Source: Äri-IT Sügis 2021 Author: Koidu Kask, BI consultant at BCS Itera   The technical side of the Power BI can be left under the care of your IT partner. How do I reduce the time spent on administering Power BI reports and share responsibilities if my organisation does not have enough resources, knowledge, or […]

Management Methodology

Deployment of ERP software: How much should the client contribute?

Source: Äri-IT autumn 2021 Author: Leho Hermann, sales manager at BCS Itera Just like it takes two to tango, the deployment of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a two-party project that requires a significant contribution from both parties. The emphasis is on ‘significant’, as the client often underestimates their role in the process. Since ERP projects […]

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