Estonian Real-Time Economy solution

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution

The real-time economy is akin to a digital ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines business processes to allow companies to focus on their core business and save resources on administrative and support activities. The key benefit of the Real-Time Economy (RTE) is the elimination of routine work for entrepreneurs, citizens, and the state through the exchange of high-quality data in real time.

With this package, BCS Itera offers real-time economy functionality integrated with the Business Central ERP software, which enables the use of digitised data exchange with the STATE, BANKS, and other BUSINESSES.

Based on many years of experience, we have identified a set of specific needs that support the efficiency and competitiveness of a company, which we have combined into this one comprehensive package.

Moreover, digitised data exchange contributes to our collective efforts towards a cleaner environment.


Real-time economy challenges and opportunities


All data are received without delays, allowing decisions to be taken quickly and in a timely manner.

Unambiguity of data

Data are based on the same semantic model, which provides a common approach to data standardisation.

Possibility of data exchange

Data can be exchanged in a machine-readable format and can be shared as open data.


Real-Time Economy solution