Olemme määrätietoisia, täytämme lupauksemme, olemme tuloksekkaita – tiimisi

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The retail of tomorrow is here: 5 trends you must be ready for, now (Dynamics NAV LS Retail) Technology is changing the way we enjoy products and shop for them, and the very definition of a store. As the where, how and who of retail change, retailers must master a new set of skills, anticipate what consumers want before they know themselves, and deliver it at light speed — or risk being […]

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5 customer demands you can easily satisfy with the right retail technology – Dynamics NAV LS Retail

You know all about how “informed” and “knowledgeable” and “demanding” consumers are these days. Gone are the days when people would go to a store, completely unaware of the products available, and rely on the stores associates’ knowledge and advice to select an item. Today, consumers investigate the products they are interested in on multiple […]

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The Way You Shop Will Change Forever This Year. Here´s How

Author Mark Wilson Source Online shopping has now reached a decade of maturity. We all use services like Amazon Subscribe & Save—and we do so through our phones, following advertisements we see on Facebook. Yet while the internet forever changed shopping, the physical retail environment lagged behind. That is until recently. In 2016, we […]


What The Best Brands Will Do In 2017

Andreas von der Heydt Director Kindle at Amazon Now is the time of the year when every marketer should well reflect on the achievements of 2016 and holistically examine what the New Year is going to mean for marketing, branding, and business. With this article I proceed with a good tradition by following-up on […]

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A Post-Apocalypse Survival Guide for Retailers

Brent Franson CEO at Euclid Analytics In August, Macy’s announced that it will be shutting down another 100 stores, about 15% of their total store footprint. According to recent reports, that’s second only to Sears. This month, news reports indicate that Marks & Spencer, a UK stalwart, may shut down its Paris store – […]

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Retail – do personalization the right way and get more customers Standard items and experiences are not good enough for the contemporary consumer: people are increasingly attracted to personalized items and tailored services. Let’s just look at product trends. From 3D printing, which enables any Jack and Jill to design and produce their own unique items in virtually no time, to wearables that respond differently […]

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