Customer Stories:


Also the client need to work hard to have successful IT project

Transmission System Operator Elering manages the Estonian electricity system in real time. Elering is responsible for the system’s operation and ensures the supply of high-quality electricity to consumers at all times.

“Software upgrades are worthwhile if the workers are ready to use it at any time and in full scope.” says Elering AS CFO Urmas Kriisa. Only in close cooperation with the customer and the developer can be created  a satisfactory solution for all needs.

Estonian electricity system operator Elering use Microsoft Dynamics NAV with , which began with asset management solution.


Sünkroniseerimine Mandri-Euroopa sagedusalaga - Juhe EuroopasseThe customer uses Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage all processes throughout. Finance, warehouse, sales, hrm, etc. The most important business functionality is asset management and maintenance of the entire infrastructure.