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Water Management

To Whom and Why

Infrastructure companies are characterised by a multitude of assets and information systems: in addition to classic asset management, interfacing with various solutions and equipment (GIS, meters, collection of meter readings, etc.) is needed.

To ensure on-time overviews, asset warranty conditions, district heating water dyeing, regular pipe washing and control pressuring are monitored. It is essential to ensure the regular examination of piping chambers with control measuring of the leak detection system to plan maintenance work on time. Repair work can be planned based on the results of the measuring. Periodic intervals can be set for the warranty period.

The major challenges are management of the large number of assets and moving from solving emergencies to planned and informed maintenance work. Active and operative client communication, incl. informing them of emergencies and maintenance work, is also essential. Also, the client can report emergencies online and the information moves immediately to the responsible persons, who can then take action.

Dynamics 365 Business Central business software offers full solutions from headquarters to e-channels that provide a comprehensive overview and maximum operative management of all of the processes that take place in the area.