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Machine construction

To Whom and Why

Machine construction is a sector with a long history which is growing and developing rapidly. Companies in the sector must be able to adjust their processes to larger volumes and clients’ requirements quickly while not losing out on flexibility or quality.

In addition to normally complex production, machine construction is also characterised by the specific nature of project-based production. The major challenges are management of a large amount of different materials and a multitude of products arising from the processing of the materials. Planning and budgeting of various house construction stages is also important, as well as timely execution of these stages, supply and following the budget.

The major challenges are monitoring the cost benefit of projects, planning/monitoring subcontracts, goods and warehouse management and fast and precise logistics.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central finance software offers a complete solution for the management of production, purchase, warehouse and sales processes in a single solution with financial reporting and business analytics.


Manufacturing, finance, purchase and sales – Dynamics 365 Business Central

Production planning and visualisation – Netronic

Project management – Dynamics 365 Business Central

Warehouse – Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics Anywhere

Payroll and HRM – BCS Itera HRM

Business intelligence – Bi4Dynamic