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To Whom and Why

The field of retail is complex, marked by rapid changes and fierce competition. Due to multiple sales channels, the main challenges are stock management, multifaceted and engaging customer service and of course management of marketing and sales campaigns.

The main challenge of OMNI commerce is to be visible and accessible to all our clients via all modern channels and, through this, to shape their purchasing experience. The greatest growth engine of commerce is e-commerce, for which every merchant must be prepared and have the technical capability.

Managing all of this becomes even more complex when different solutions are used.

Special solutions for sales of electronic goods

The main challenges are OMNI channel management, a wide range of products, stock and product selection planning and client management.

A rapidly changing range of products places significant stress on stock and its expiry. To this end, Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS NAV provide special solutions that help to automate the aforementioned processes and make them more efficient.

Dynamics 365 Business Central business software offers full solutions from headquarters to e-channels that provide a comprehensive overview and maximum operative management of all of the processes that take place in the area.

Finance, purchase and sales – Dynamics 365 Business Central

Retail (HQ, BO, POS, OMNI, PIM) – LS Central

Warehouse – Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics Anywhere

Payroll and HRM – BCS Itera HRM

Business intelligence – Bi4Dynamics