To Whom and Why

The primary need of leasing companies is a quick overview of equipment location, lease duration, tracking of equipment maintenance and flexible handling of lease equipment accessories.

If client numbers reach the thousands and a vast fleet of equipment is managed, a fast and responsive leasing procedure is essential. Reassembling and repairing equipment remain a daily challenge regardless of whether the company leases cars, tools, drink dispensers or construction equipment.

Checking the functioning of the leased equipment before leasing it is the foundation of a trusting relationship with clients and, for example, making sure that a machine used in construction work is functioning properly will also help to avoid it causing an accident on the construction site.

Dynamics 365 Business Central leasing solution turns challenges into opportunities:

  • Overview of profitability in leasing
  • Fast and effective customer service
  • Flexible contract administration
  • Settlements with various options
  • Leasing calendar – overview of equipment availability, location and lease periods
  • Convenient management of lease equipment maintenance
  • Options to optimise spare part stocks

Dynamics 365 Business Central business software offers full solutions from headquarters to e-channels that provide a comprehensive overview and maximum operative management of all of the processes that take place in the area.

Finance, purchase and sales – Dynamics 365 Business Central

Rental solution – Armada Dynamics

Warehouse – Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics Anywhere

Payroll and HRM – BCS Itera HRM

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