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To Whom and Why

Wholesale of alcoholic beverages is a highly regulated area marked by fierce competition. In addition to traditional wholesale, the sector’s companies must also deal with state regulations, excise duties and customs warehousing. In order to keep up with competitors, precise stock and cash flow planning, sales process management and maximum automation are essential.

Special solutions for wholesale of alcoholic beverages

The main challenges are stock (incl. excise warehouse) planning and budgeting to ensure optimum liquidity and availability of products for clients. To this end, good stock management automatics, modern business analysis tools for forecasting, warehouse management and sales management are essential.

Dynamics 365 Business Central business software offers full solutions from headquarters to e-channels that provide a comprehensive overview and maximum operative management of all of the processes that take place in the area.


Finance, purchase and sales – Dynamics 365 Business Central

Warehouse – Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics Anywhere

Excise and customs warehouse – Dynamics 365 Business Central

Payroll and HRM – BCS Itera HRM

Business intelligence – Bi4Dynamic