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Culture eats your structure for lunch

Gandhi Heryanto | Director at PT Citra Buana Prasidha Peter Drucker famously said that culture eats strategy for breakfast.  If strategy is for breakfast then your structure is for lunch.  Culture will overcome any structural chart or any reorganisation. Companies fail because they believe that a restructure will change the culture of the company.  Even if […]

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7 Reasons Business Central Is The Best Distribution ERP Software Solution

Source:; Chandler Hutchison More than 100,000 organizations throughout the world are currently using Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV). Delivering the perfect tool for performing a variety of processes, from basic accounting to complex distribution operations, Business Central is one of the best solutions you can find to streamline your activities and increase efficiency. Besides […]

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How beauty brands are using augmented reality to engage customers and drive return purchases

Allikas: LSRetail With the growth of e-commerce, the increasing influence of social channels and the emergence of independent beauty brands, the beauty industry has evolved into a highly competitive playground of companies fighting for market share. Women (and men! In just a few years, the male grooming industry has bloomed into a multi-billion dollar industry) […]

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What retail CEOs need to know to lead their business into the future

source: LSRetail According to The DNA of the Future Retail CEO from the World Retail Congress, the top two current and future technical skills for retail CEOs are: Understanding of digital commerce and omni-channel Data/insight-driven approach The expert panel went on to say that the future retail CEO needs to be data-driven “in the extreme”. […]

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5 clear signs you need Business Intelligence in your retail business

Allikas: As a retail business owner with access to the internet, you have probably heard of Business Intelligence, and maybe discounted it as a catchphrase used by marketing experts to sell their product. It is often being described as a “magical crystal ball” to help businesses investigate their own future and bet on upcoming […]

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Is outdated technology destroying your retail business? 9 red flags to look out for

Allikas/Source: Your retail management system is at the heart of your business efficiency. It keeps your operations smooth, make sure all parts of your business are always connected and in communication, and by consequence ensures that you can always deliver services and experiences that meet and go beyond your customers’ expectations. Despite the central […]

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