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Строительство (вкл. строительство инфраструктуры)

To Whom and Why

The CONSTRUCTION SECTOR is a rapidly growing and developing area marked by fierce competition. Companies in the sector must handle not only the traditional contracting body-contractor relationship but also subcontractors and material suppliers.

To keep up with competitors, precise project planning and ongoing registration and monitoring of actual costs are essential, because this ensures that any abnormalities are quickly identified and allows corrections to be made while the project is ongoing. Another major challenge is precise material and resource planning (i.e. of both your own people and subcontractors) in a manner that ensures smooth work for the parties involved and that the materials are not left in the warehouse, but move to the site on time.

The major challenges are project planning and budgeting, resource and material planning and their latter timely use in the projects. In addition to materials and resources, all other general costs related to the project are registered in as much detail as possible. In the case of subcontracting, it is important to monitor the performance of contracts. For the warranty period, a warranty reserve is calculated for the project. The constructed objects may also need later maintenance, be it regular or order-based.

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