Интерфейс Moderan для Dynamics 365 Business Central app

Интерфейс используется для обмена данными между Moderan и Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The Moderan interface is for a property owner whose real estate management (contracts, objects, fees) is in Moderan software and whose ERP is Business Central (BC).


The interface is used to exchange data between Moderan and Dynamics 365 Business Central. From Moderan, customer data and real estate sales invoices are imported into Business Central, where they are finalized and sent to customers. Business Central monitors sales invoice payments and sends Moderan customer balance information.

  • Moderan links each property data with the corresponding landlord company in BC – this way you have a full portfolio overview in Moderan while managing each legal entity as a separate company within your BC database.
  • Synchronize your tenant data from Moderan to BC.
  • Issue Moderan invoices and book financials in BC.
  • Update customer outstanding balance from BC to Moderan.


The interface allows you to import customer data and monthly real estate invoices (rental invoices, utility bills, period, quantities, amounts) from one software to another. In addition, it is possible to export Moderan customer balance information using the interface.

  • Import of basic customer data
  • Import of basic invoice data
  • Export of Moderan customer balances