Факторинговое приложение для Dynamics 365 Business Central

Функция факторинга позволяет автоматизировать передачу счетов на продажу факторинговой компании и автоматизировать обработку поступающих оплат.

BCS Itera Factoring functionality enables to automate sales invoice transmissions to a factor and subsequently process factor payments incl. commissions and interests.

Invoice factoring is a way for businesses to fund cash flow by selling their invoices to a third party (a factor, or factoring company) at a discount. Invoice factoring can be provided by independent finance providers, or by banks.


Highly configurable setup of factoring agreements

  • Generating a list of sales invoices according to Swebank file format*
    *If necessary, we can easily expand the solution for additional financial institutions
  • Overview of transmitted/untransmitted receivables and payment status
  • Recourse and non-recourse factoring agreements are supported
  • Assignment note on sales invoice in customers’ language
  • Factor XML-fail import and automated generation of journal lines according to contract type, incl
    • application of advance and payments under reserve
    • application of commission fees, VAT and interests
  • Customer or contract-based factoring limits