PERSONNEL365 на базе Dynamics 365 Business Central

Лучший вариант для эстонских комп., которые ищут комплексное решение для расчета зар. платы и упр. персоналом.

To Whom and Why

Complementing the Payroll365 module, the Personnel365 offers additional features and manage project-based time-sheets, training and health, tracking employee assets, skills and previous work experience, insiders and related persons, claims, vacations etc.

  • All the information about the company is contained in one solution and is accessible to everyone entitled to use it.
  • Allows users to read data from different modules; for example, sales-based performance rewards, calculations of cost limits (cost overruns), time spent on projects, service hours of maintenance technicians from the maintenance module, etc.
  • Scheduling, monitoring and correcting time-sheets is done in the same system as the payroll and personnel accounting.

Payroll365 and Personnel365 functionality